Platinum – CFO on the Go

How It Works

We become your profit consultants

Think of us as your outsourced CFO, or “CFO On The Go.” Typically speaking clients on our Platinum Services usually have 5 to 50 employees and $1 million or more in revenue annually. These clients have reached a level of success and developed a strong business. They have an in house bookkeeper and possibly even a controller. We work directly with these businesses on a monthly basis analyzing their financial position and strategizing with key decision makers to optimize performance, profitability and cash flow. We determine where profits are coming from and how they are being earned in order to capitalize on those areas going forward. Systems are put into place to avoid cash flow pitfalls and create stability. Ongoing financial guidance on a regular basis provides a strong foundation on which the business will flourish even further.

Services Provided

All of the services in our Silver and Gold Plans

Dedicated account manager

Year end tax returns, corporate and personal

Industry comparison reports


Financial projections

Financing and loan assistance

Strategic business planning

Unlimited phone advice

Who It's For

How to identify if this program is a good fit for your business.