Save $75,000 of INCOME taxes over 5 years

The key to managing tax liabilities is proactive planning. Start saving with your tax plan today by working with the certified tax coaches at Daniel P. Vigilante, CPA.

What we do

At Daniel P. Vigilante, CPA, we specialize in designing tax planning strategies that are aimed at both your business and personal tax situation. As a Certified Tax Coach, we know how to leverage every available tax credit, deduction, and loophole to legally reduce your tax obligations and ensure you never pay one dollar more the U.S. tax code requires.

How it Works When you work with us,
we'll deliver the roadmap to tax reduction

Your proactive Tax Plan. When you work with us, we’ll deliver the roadmap to reducing your taxes in the form of a proactive Tax Plan.


Schedule a Free Consultation

We’ll schedule a time to discuss your financial situation. Next, you’ll complete a brief questionnaire and provide the documentation we need to see the full scope of your finances.


We Provide the Tax Plan

After exploring every avenue available to save you money on taxes, we deliver your tax plan.


We Implement the Tax Plan

We will implement our proposed strategy to get your books in order.


We Maintain and Optimize the Tax Plan

Once your books are cleaned up our team setup an ongoing maintenance plan to make sure you books are always optimized for the best tax savings.

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